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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Club 60 Hindi Movie Review - Farookh Sheikh ,Sarika

A movie about  people on the other side of 50, not the usual main stream stuff but quite engrossing. Its a story about people with different backgrounds who have gone through ups & downs of life yet have the courage to go on and be happy with what they have.

The movie starts with a monologue by a Doctor about the joyous life he and his Dr wife & son had together as a family . The son gets selected for a course in US & goes off to study there.Life is a joy ride till it comes shattering down by the sudden death of the son in a random shooting incident.

The Doctor couple decides to move to Bombay to get over all the memories of happy days. The father goes  into severe depression & even tries to commit suicide.His wife is relatively stronger .She starts her medical practice & tries to go back to a normal life.

In the middle of all these, the couple meets a weird guy who stays in the same apartment .He is quite elderly but full of life, joking & having fun all the time.He pushes them to join his regular gossip, enjoy life and to join Club 60 . Intially  they are irritated by his overenthusiasm but eventually they  get close to him, his friends & families .They start appreciating his outlook and start moving towards a normal life.

Both Farooq Sheikh and Sarika prove once again that they are excellent actors.Their presence is effortless.Sarika looks beautiful & dignified in her crisp cotton sarees.Farooq Sheikh captures  the aura of everlasting pain.Again reminds us that such a talented actor is no longer between us.
The movie has a human touch & inspiration for all ages to be happy & content with the life we have, have the courage to face challenges ,adverse situations & move on.
A good watch over the weekend.

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