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Monday, 10 September 2018

Road Rage Counselling that Indian Road Users Need!

Road rage these days has become such a common experience in our urban life.Are we moving towards an angry society in general? Our daily stress, our struggles,  frustrations in our day to day life just waits for such opportunities when we can vent out all the anger hidden inside.
The other day I was on the road driving my car .Suddenly two bikes almost cornered me and forced me to stop. I was bit surprised as I couldn't remember touching any vehicle.As I pulled the glass down,one guy started shouting and the other hitting my car window.
As a involuntary reaction I started shouting back without understanding what was the matter.After couple of sentences I understood all this hulla was because it seems  I splashed some water from a small puddle formed due rain last night on one of the guys without realizing.
I was bit shocked that this whole boo haha and stopping the entire traffic was just for little splashed water.i suddenly stopped shouting feeling stupid at the whole situation. Once I decided to shut up the fight was over soon and the guys moved on.
Sometimes I really feel lost.How do we handle such incidents.Do we remain just quiet as ignoring may not be an option in many cases. or should be fight back to prove our point of what's right.Dont know, wish there was some counseling to help handle such situations.

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